Working from home: Set yourself up for success

With the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic effecting individuals and businesses globally, more and more companies are requiring their employees to work remotely. Many people have previously dreamed about working from the comfort of their home to avoid commuting and have more time for themselves and their family. However, working remotely is not always as easy as it sounds. Sure, you are at home, but some will find it’s hard to actually get work done.

Are you navigating this new work setup for the first time? Here are some tips to get you started and be more productive when working from home.

Choose your “work” space

Creating yourself a dedicated spot for getting work done is the first step in your “work from home” journey. You will be working in this space every day so make sure it’s comfortable, away from distractions and ideally not in your bedroom. It’s important to separate your ‘work’ space from your sleeping space, so you can ‘switch off’ properly each day.

Set your schedule and create routines

Set work hours for yourself – the way you would if you were at the office. Create a morning routine just like your regular workday. Get up early, take a shower, dress for work, make your breakfast and grab a coffee before you head to your work area. Then follow an end of day routine like shutting down your computer and tidying up your desk. This routine will help you switch between your personal and professional lives.

Plan your day

Create a plan before you start your day. You are more exposed to distractions when working from home, so now is the best time to list down the tasks you need to complete each day. Regularly refer to this list to help you stay on track and on target.

Show your face

Working from home can be lonely, especially during a quarantine or self-isolation period. Make the most of available communication tools to stay connected with your team and clients. Check in regularly with your colleagues just like you would in the office. Try scheduling a virtual coffee break or even “Friday drinks”.

Take breaks

It can be easy to become consumed by work throughout the day when working from home. But you still need to have regular breaks including lunches and chats with co-workers or the people you’re at home with. Stepping away from your work desk is part of your productivity. Don’t you feel more focused after having that quick chat over coffee? So, get up, leave your computer, stretch and walk around.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated

One of the good things about working from home is that we have full access to the kitchen. Take this opportunity to eat healthier since you won’t need to eat out. This might save you money too! Repurpose your commute time to prep your snacks and meals for the day. Eating well provides nourishment to the brain and improves overall productivity levels. And, don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

While these tips could give you a head start in your “new office” set up, having the right mindset and discipline is the key to success when working remotely. Take advantage of the flexibility to figure out what works best for you.

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